Mykonos: 20-25 minutes on Business Jet, 40-45 minutes on Turboprop, 40-50 minutes on Helicopter

The most famous island in Greece and, with no doubt the most cosmopolitan in Cyclades island and a dreamy destination for aspiring Greek gods and goddesses. Mykonos is a wonderful kaleidoscope of cosmopolitan shops, rocking bars, quaint windmills, homey taverns and hidden churches all set against a brilliant blue backdrop. And it's not just the water that sparkles in the sun on Mykonos, but also the white marble streets and buildings that characterize the island's architecture. Its name is connected with entertainment and endless parties. Enjoy the magnificent views of the helicopter flight on your way to Mykonos.

Your car and driver will wait for you upon arrival on Mykonos, to make your dream come true. You may choose as you wish: island sightseeing, cosmopolitan beach visit, remote beach visit, simple Greek Taverna lunch, top notch restaurant lunch by the sea, water sports and endless options…. Just ask, and let us deliver!

Tip: Taste one of the famous local cocktails like a Mastic Mojito while enjoying the sunset at Little Venice right on the water…

Useful link: http://www.mykonos.gr/